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The right Solution for you.


We know every organization is different when it comes to financial information and data management in general. There is always at play a complex and unique mix of specific accounting and reporting requirements, internal processes, IT systems, organization, history, methodology, competencies, and more.

This is why every solution we develop is different and adapted to fit your specific needs and constraints.

We work with a framework of applications and methods tested and improved over the years. For example, we have developed a powerful set of multi-user front-end products, which we use to design customized financial forecasting applications. We also have developed a standard approach to database and report creation, which ensures that the products we make for you deliver true Business Intelligence.

Our solutions are always guided by simplicity for the user and a need for perfection. Our attention to detail also shows in the documentation, the training and the support that we deliver.
Our goal is always to go well beyond your expectations.

See a demo of our new Business Planning Solution, the ForgeBox.

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