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PA281186    Business Intelligence and Data Management.
 How can we bring you value:                                                      
  • Do you have available data that would help you make decisions but you feel limited by your IT configuration and the effort it would take to put it together?
  • Are you missing the clear and timely indicators that help you drive the business and get results?
  • Do you find your finance and operations departments spend too much time manipulating data and putting standard reports together instead of promoting a deeper understanding of your business?
  • Do you need to improve how you share information with your management team and your employees?
  • Does it get difficult to zoom in and out on the available reports, which makes you lose focus?
  • Do you find data is sometimes different depending on which report you look at, despite a lot of time spent trying to ensure consistency?
  • Do you struggle to have your monthly actual result information flow in your budgeting/forecasting tool and to perform variance and “left-to-go” analyses?
  • Are spreadsheets your best option when it comes to analyzing your actual results or doing budgeting and forecasting activities, but you wish you had more capacity, traceability of information, version control, and above all simplicity?
  • Would you like your operational people to contribute directly into your forecasting tool and  save your financial analysts endless data-entry meetings, but your application lacks security, business rules and is not user-friendly?
  • Do you think an end-to-end IT solution to manage your data would be good but  it would not necessarily be cost-effective, address your specific needs or be flexible enough for the changing requirements of your reporting?
  • Do you need help to review your financial processes and make them more efficient and better documented?
  • Do you simply need some expertise and training to incrementally improve what you do today?
Those are some of the questions we faced ourselves and overcame in different roles and companies. We would love to share with you our expertise, skills and experience, including:
  • Advanced Tableau Softwaredevelopment
  • Advanced MS Accessdevelopment including VBA programming
  • Advanced MS Excel® development including VBA programming and JET/ACE engine configuration
  • Financial Modelling for Data Interpretation and Scenario Planning
  • SQL/PHP/JavaScript development
  • 13 years of successful experience in Finance and Business Operations roles across Audit, Reporting, FP&A and Business Support in various multinational companies.
  • A long experience in training delivery
  • Procedural audit

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